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The Board Member Institute for Jewish Nonprofits is a hands-on comprehensive board development initiative, taught and
administered by Northwestern University's Kellogg faculty and practitioners from the Jewish sector, intended for active and incoming board members of Jewish nonprofits.
Program Components
  • 40 hours of highly practical curriculum that combines executive education with meaningful "applied learning" experiences.
  • The Board Member Institute serves as a central site for networking, cross-sector collaboration and identification of overarching challenges and opportunities in the Jewish community.
  • Participants come with the aim to influence a wider sector and expedite the formation of a healthy volunteer leadership ecosystem across the country.
  • Cohort learning and peer networking with up to forty selected outstanding volunteer leaders of local and national organizations.
  • Participants complete an individual Leadership Insight tool. The results are debriefed with a coach who will help the individuals to understand how leadership competencies and traits impact their behavior as board members.
  • Upon completion, each participant will receive a Kellogg Nonprofit Executive Education Certificate.
    Thematic Tracks
    While the curriculum will be delivered to the entire cohort, we have modified the program so that the Hybrid Cohort 2019-2020 will be structured according to tracks that align with your specific sub-sector of work within the world of Jewish Nonprofits. Our goal with this programmatic design is that you'll be able to maximize your experience at the BMI by tailoring a segment of the material to your specific niche of nonprofit work. The initial track offerings in the Hybrid Cohort may include:

    • Advancing Multi-Generational Leadership
    – Guided by our colleagues at Slingshot, this track will explore how emerging leaders and their peers can strengthen their roles as board members of Jewish organizations and deepen their participation in Jewish life — together.

    • Focus on Women's Leadership – In partnership with the Schultz Family Foundation, this track will focus on the unique opportunities and challenges that face women who serve as volunteer leaders in our community. Selected participants of this track will engage with a top provider in the leadership sector to help frame and supplement the Board Member Institute experience by working together to cultivate their talent and nourish their goals.

    • FederationsJFNA will work with us to help design, and they will facilitate, Federation-specific sessions for Federation leaders participating in the Hybrid Cohort. The Federation track will examine what makes Federation board leadership unique, particularly at a moment of change and reinvention.

    • Day Schools – In partnership with our colleagues at Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools and guided by the critical work they are doing to deepen talent and ensure volunteer leaders are equipped with the tools and resources they need to succeed, this track will build on the BMI curriculum and provide greater focus on the challenges and opportunities faced by Jewish day school volunteer leaders.

    • Foundations – These sessions will enhance board members' understanding of how to apply BMI best practices and navigate common questions within the context of both family and non-family foundations in partnership with Jewish Funders Network.

    • General Applied Learning This track is for individuals who would like curriculum that is widely applicable to board service in the Jewish sector and/or are not currently serving on the board of a Jewish nonprofit.

    * - Customized content is no less than 20% of total curriculum.
    The curriculum is subject to change based on the composition of the cohort in order to meet the needs of the selected participants.
    Program Content
    November 2019 - May 2020
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    Applications for the Hybrid Cohort closed on July 29; however, if you're interested in applying please get in touch with Project Manager, Sam Gendell at bmiprojectmanager@marompb.com.
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